Sanctus Real - Forgiven

Hits me right in the heart.

Lilla Vargen - This is love

So I had a conversation with Jane C the other day about marriage and it made me realise that one day when you're in love and are committed to your love, you'll learn to make it work and make it last FOREVER.

This song is beautiful.


Sleeping At Last, Switchfoot


I find myself listening to Sleeping At Last's EP these days.

Atlas: Space 2

I still remember how I first discovered them - was scrolling through a list of band names in a random website and something about their name caught my eye. I listened to Quicksand for the first time and thought, wow, what a beautiful song. Years and years later, their music never cease to amaze me.

On another note, there was once in the car to/fro Fridays/KimGary with SJ, EJ, Joshie, Ade, Miche, Sam and 'We are One Tonight' by Switchfoot was playing on the radio & we all got excited and started screaming and singing to the song. It was hilarious. 

Ok, fin!

Three for you! The Uglysuit, The Family Rain & A Great Big Pile of Leaves

I really like songs with:
1. Harmonized Vocals
2. Catchy Guitar rifts that builds at the end. Can't get enough of it!
3. Ahhh and then there's A great big pile of leaves.  <3

SOTD - All those friendly people, What you know

The Steelwells | The Paper Kites

Music Videos that I find amusing.

The Steelwells, Cool Kids teaser song never fails to crack me up!

You can download the ep from the Steelwells from here

And The Paper Kites music video, A maker of my time is amazing!

Have a great day!

Georgia Fair

These guys always makes me happy.